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Pet Safety

Explore Pet-Friendly Home Security Systems

Pet safety products

No adventure is complete without a bit of safety gear—even if your pet never strays far from the couch.
a puppy behind a gate trying to pull a bowl of food closer with her paw
The 8 Best Pet Gates
Find the best pet gates for keeping your furry friends safe in your home. SafeWise...
Best Pet Insurance
Reviews on the best pet insurance plans for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets. Compare...
Mutt dog with GPS collar playing with a stick
How to Pick the Safest Types of Toys for Your Pet
Use this guide to keep your pet’s playtime as fun as possible. Find out what...

Most pet-friendly states

If pets had thumbs, they’d stick ‘em up for these states. We sniffed through data to find out which states have a welcoming attitude toward pets.

Pet Safety FAQ

We’ll never run circles around you—get straightforward answers to common pet safety questions.

Austin River Adventure With Dog

Explore all pet safety

Find out if the Whistle 3 GPS Dog Tracker is the best tracking device for...
Pet-immune motion sensor Ecolink Pet-Immune Motion Detector $39.19 View on Amazon list price as...
How pet-friendly is your state? We looked at access to vets, animal protection laws, and...
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