How To Protect Yourself From Nosey Neighbors

A good neighbor can improve your experience living in a community and can be a trusted resource to help protect your home. Not only can they become friends, but a good neighbor can also help provide extra security by watching your house when you go out of town. They can pick up your newspaper and mail for you, as well as report any suspicious activity. But that doesn’t give them a license to snoop at your home.

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Here are some tips on how to keep your nosy neighbor from getting a little too invasive.

1. Block their view

A sturdy, tall fence or a line of trees can go a long way in helping keep busybodies out of your hair. Your HOA may have rules in place that dictate if and where you can place a fence on your property. It’s also important to check with local authorizes to ensure that you don’t breach any height restrictions. Otherwise, a nice line of pine trees or bushes will help to block unwanted voyeurs. Make sure these stay trimmed and maintained so they don’t become a good hiding place for potential burglars.

2. Change your curtains

A variety of curtains and blinds are on the market that can give you the privacy you crave. For starters, you can try honeycomb blinds that open from the top, rather than the bottom. They let the same amount of light in, but the bottom half prevents people from looking into your house. There are also privacy and lined curtains you can hang over your windows for protection.

3. Add an electronic privacy film

The new wave of smart technology extends to window treatments. If privacy from your neighbors is what you’re looking for, consider installing an electronic privacy film and smart window. Simply flipping a switch can turn your windows tinted while still letting in ample light. There are also basic films that are easy to install and don’t require any electronic devices to operate. If you’re comfortable manually inserting and removing them, you can still have the light from the window while blocking out unwanted eyes.

4. Install security cameras

Not only are security cameras great for helping to deter burglars, but they can aid in keeping your neighbor from invading your space as well; no one likes to be caught on film sneaking around where they shouldn’t be. Try placing cameras around the perimeter of your house in noticeable positions to not only help keep your neighbors from spying, but also help keep burglars at bay. SafeWise can help you find a security system with cameras that meets your needs.

5. Place signs around the house

If you’re concerned about aesthetics, there is an alternative to installing cameras in the open. Every security provider can include signs to place around your home to indicate their presence. It’s good for business, as well as deterring nosy neighbors. By placing them strategically around your home, you can let neighbors know that they’re being watched.

These simple, non-confrontational approaches can help let your neighbors know that, while you’re happy to have them around, you also want your privacy.

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