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To learn more about the Gabb Watch and read our tester’s opinions, read our full Gabb Watch review. Or, scroll down to find answers to some common questions about this kids smartwatch brand.

Simplest smartwatch for kids of all ages
gabb watch
Gabb Watch
$149.99 + monthly service fees
pro GPS tracking and geofencing
pro Parent-controlled contact list
pro No internet
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Gabb Watch basics

What is Gabb Watch?

Gabb Watch is a kids smartwatch. These internet-free devices combine safety features—like GPS tracking and one-touch emergency calling—with fun perks like voice messages and movement tracking.

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Is Gabb Watch good?

Yes, we consider the Gabb Watch a good kids smartwatch. It was absolutely painless to set up, and both of our tester’s kids enjoyed using it.

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How much does a Gabb Watch cost?

The Gabb Watch costs around $150 up front. Cellular service for the Gabb Watch costs between $10 (two-year contract) and $17 (contract-free) per month. Shipping is free.

Where can I buy a Gabb Watch?

Gabb Watches are sold exclusively through the Gabb Wireless website.

What age is Gabb Watch for?

We think smartwatches like the Gabb Watch are best for kids between the ages of 7 and 12.

Kids may be ready for a phone by age 13, and children under 7 may not have good self-control when it comes to calling their family members. Our tester’s five-year-old daughter, for example, called her grandparents nine times in one day.

How many contacts can you have on a Gabb Watch?

You can have up to 10 contacts on a Gabb Watch.

Is the Gabb Watch waterproof?

No, the Gabb Watch isn’t waterproof. It shouldn’t be worn when swimming, bathing, or showering. But since it’s water-resistant, the Gabb Watch shouldn’t conk out if your kid gets caught in the rain, washes their hands, or sweats.

How does the Gabb watch compare to other kids smartwatches?

Find out how Gabb's smartwatch for kids compares to similar watches in our Best Kids Smartwatches Guide.

You can also compare the Gabb watch to Verizon's Gizmo watch in our Verizon Gizmo Watch vs Gabb Watch review.

Gabb Watch features

What does the Gabb Watch do?

Here’s what kids can do with the Gabb Watch:

  • Make voice calls
  • Leave voice messages
  • Text emojis or choose a written text from a drop-down list
  • Push an SOS button to quickly call an emergency contact
  • Send their location to approved contacts
  • Track steps
  • Set an alarm
  • Set a stopwatch or timer
  • Play with a virtual pet

Parents can do the following:

  • Make voice calls
  • Leave voice messages
  • Send custom texts
  • Control the 10-slot contact list
  • Track location
  • Create geofences
  • Add items to the to-do list
  • Lock the watch

Can the Gabb Watch call 911?

No, the Gabb Watch can’t call 911.

Can the Gabb Watch text?

Yes, kids can text emojis or pre-written responses from the Gabb Watch. Since the screen is too small for a keyboard, kids can’t text custom messages. There’s also no voice-to-text option.

Does Gabb Watch have voicemail?

Sort of. The Gabb Watch sends and receives voice messages. You don’t have to call the watch first to leave one of these messages, so it differs ever so slightly from a traditional voicemail.

Does Gabb Watch have games?

The only game on the Gabb Watch is GabbGo, which incentivizes kids to rack up more steps on the pedometer or to complete their to-do lists. Kids earn virtual coins, which can be redeemed to unlock cool digital pets.

Does Gabb Watch track steps?

Yes, the Gabb Watch tracks steps.

How does Gabb Watch track steps?

Like other smartwatches or fitness trackers, the Gabb Watch uses a tri-axial accelerometer to track steps. This specialized sensor detects your direction and speed. It converts that data into steps.

Does the Gabb watch have alarms?

Yes, you can set an alarm with the Gabb Watch.

Gabb Watch compatibility

Does Gabb Watch work with Verizon?

Yes and no. Gabb Watch uses the same network as Verizon. If you get Verizon coverage in your area, the Gabb Watch should work just fine.

But you can’t add the Gabb Watch to your Verizon account. You have to buy a cellular plan through Gabb Wireless.

Does Gabb Watch work with AT&T?

No, Gabb Watch doesn’t work with AT&T.

Can Gabb Watch connect to Wi-Fi?

No, the Gabb Watch doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Does the Gabb Watch connect to the Gabb Z2 phone?

No, the Gabb Watch and Gabb Z2 phone are two separate devices that don’t share data.

Can Gabb Watches call each other?

Yes, Gabb Watches can call each other because they each have unique numbers.

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